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This memorial website was created for David Overduijn aka Sherman. David was born September 28th 1984 and died Feburary 25th 2006. David was killed in a hit and run accident. He was barely 21 years old. 

I made this page in hope that people will never forget what an awesome person David was. He could be silly, loving, crazy and at the same time make you wanna shake him and scream what the hell is wrong with you man! :) I believe this is why most of his friends loved him so much.

I met David when we were in 7th grade and for nearly 10 years he remained in my life. It could be months since we had spoken, but if we saw each other it was like no time had past. I miss him more everyday, as I am sure everyone who was close to him does as well. 

He played drums in a local Atlanta band called, The Bitter End. David was freaking insane at drums! Don't believe me? Check out the audio section, I put some songs by the band on there... and they are AWESOME! Also show the band some love, they are still rockin' out cause that's what David would have wanted.. hell if they called it quits he would beat the hell out of them when he see's them again. :) So check them out at

I hope everyone who knew him will write to him on here. Because I don't know what lies after this life, but I would like to believe we will all meet again where ever we end up.


Tributes and Condolences
Think of you often   / Josh Daniel (Coworker)
David, I woke up to a phone call that I was for sure was a mistake in identity. However, the realization of the fact that you were gone was tough. You were a great guy to have around and we all miss you a lot! Every time I hear Golden Earring come o...  Continue >>
28  / Truus Disseldorp (Mom)
Today is your birthday. You would have been 28. My heart aches. I want so much to hug you, tell you Happy Birthday and talk. Cannot help but wonder where you would be today. All I know is that you were growing up to be a great young man and that I mi...  Continue >>
Where did the time go?   / Kyndal Foshee (Friend)
It's been over three years now... in fact your birthday is right around the corner. Bittersweet. I miss you like hell. I am certain now that while the days are easier to get through nothing will ever be perfect again. There is just too much missing f...  Continue >>
2 Years   / Sparkle (Friend)
Fuck embarrassment. These are my favorite memories of you! I meet David with Sammy at Sparyberry's "Freshmen Kick off Day" Sammy kind of adopted me into her group of friends, which is how I meet David. I instantly had a crush on him & ...  Continue >>
david  / Angela Austin (friend)
so it's been two years and and today i remember the day i meet you when you came to the apartment with marc because you were going to be the drummer for the bitter end you all were so excited and this was going to be the band that made you all rockst...  Continue >>
Passing of Time  / John (Friend)    Read >>
Two Years.  / Tara     Read >>
2 years  / Truus Disseldorp (Mom)    Read >>
Time doesn't really heal wounds...  / Kyndal Foshee (Friend)    Read >>
i want to go back...  / Kyndal (friend)    Read >>
who ever really says goodbye? Hmm.  / Tara (friend from a time that has passed )    Read >>
please be someplace better....  / Kyndal Foshe (friend)    Read >>
me / Jermy Melton (none)    Read >>
The time goes by so fast....  / Kyndal Foshee (Friend)    Read >>
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His legacy
just so everyone knows...  
if anyone wants to put something up here that they wrote for David, please feel free to send me an e-mail with the writing, drawing... whatever and I will put it up here!! Or if anyone has any atleast semi-appropriate drawings by David send them my way. :)
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david doing what he loved.
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